Average Joe Show 137: King Kong Bundy in a Wig

The guys get hungry, but don’t know what to eat on this week’s episode.  Hear Brady, John, and Corey talk about the weirdness that includes Burger King french fries, not taunting the monkeys, the downside of being nosy, idiots trying… Read moreAverage Joe Show 137: King Kong Bundy in a Wig

Idiots Online 004: No Sponsor

Come and listen to Corey and Corey Jr as they talk about all the things that happened this week.  They sit down and talk about being sick, snow, the new iPhone arrives, the basketball game incident, more coin talk, the… Read moreIdiots Online 004: No Sponsor

Average Joe Show 116: Custard Factory

A new year, but same old craziness around.  The guys sit down to talk about the weirdness of the world including selling a husband on eBay, astronaut misdials the phone!, monkeys are people too, miniature golf course with way too… Read moreAverage Joe Show 116: Custard Factory