Talk Duo 079: Gravity Wins

Ericka and Corey return again to talk about the goings ons in this quarantine world. They sit down to talk about boxes in the house!, Ericka’s first trip in the COVID-19 world, teaching kids in China. Also, they cover court… Read moreTalk Duo 079: Gravity Wins

Talk Duo 077: Mr. Plourde

Ericka and Corey FINALLY return and try to play catch up on the latest episode of the show.  This week they talk about Cassidy’s graduation, Ericka’s father’s funeral, Good & Plenty candy, why is Corey trying to kill Ericka, the… Read moreTalk Duo 077: Mr. Plourde

Corey Charette Show 005: January 4, 2019

Corey returns again for the first episode of 2019 as he talks about 2020 already! He talks about Meet the Press being one sided, Trump not really being sincere with his message to the masses, sad passings this week, WTF… Read moreCorey Charette Show 005: January 4, 2019

Sci Fi Watcher 044: Primer

Bryan and Corey relax in a hotel room before heading to a storage container to discuss “Primer”. How will this low budget time travelling movie play out? The guys also talk about some of the latest news of the week… Read moreSci Fi Watcher 044: Primer

Average Joe Show 061: Pampered Ass

On this special Christmas edition of the podcast Veronica Lane (Ask A Project Manager), Barb aka CitizenX (, Ben Straw (Ben’s Tech Show & Mac Tip Podcast) and Corey talk about holiday treats, premium toilet paper, bottom sniffer, Captain Picard… Read moreAverage Joe Show 061: Pampered Ass