Average Joe Show 136: A Special Pocket

It’s time to sit down with some popcorn (if we can) and listen to the weirdness of the week on this week’s show.  Come and join Brady, John, and Corey as they talk about sleeping at Taco Bell, how to… Read moreAverage Joe Show 136: A Special Pocket

Idiots Online 005: Coins Coins Coins

The two Coreys return this week as they get back on their regular schedule.  They get together to talk about Legally Blonde the Musical, college field trip, coin club (again), Corey Jr’s soda collection, food packs and MREs, what you… Read moreIdiots Online 005: Coins Coins Coins

Idiots Online 004: No Sponsor

Come and listen to Corey and Corey Jr as they talk about all the things that happened this week.  They sit down and talk about being sick, snow, the new iPhone arrives, the basketball game incident, more coin talk, the… Read moreIdiots Online 004: No Sponsor

Autism Warriors 026: Caregiver Burnout

Ericka and Pam sit down and talk about caregiver burnout. What is it? What are the signs of a person burning out and how can it be handled. They also talk about how their weeks have been going and cover… Read moreAutism Warriors 026: Caregiver Burnout