Sci Fi Watcher 293: Extinction

The guys have weird dreams and see strange lights as they look at the film Extinction.  Come and listen to Bryan and Corey talk about this Netflix original to see if it’s worth your time or just a complete waste of bandwidth.


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Movie of the week: Extinction

Release: July 27, 2018
Writers: Spenser Cohen, Brad Kane
Director: Ben Young
Starring: Michael Peña as Peter
Lizzy Caplan as Alice, Peter’s wife
Mike Colter as David, Peter’s boss
Amelia Crouch as Hanna, Alice and Peter’s daughter
Erica Tremblay as Lucy, Alice and Peter’s daughter
Israel Broussard as Miles, a soldier
Lex Shrapnel as Ray, Samantha’s husband
Emma Booth as Samantha, Ray’s wife
Lilly Aspell as Megan, Ray and Samantha’s daughter
Length: 95 minutes

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