Sci Fi Watcher 258: The Orville S02E07: Deflectors

As The Orville returns to the small screen the guys sit down to talk about the latest episode “Deflectors”.  They look over this cross species love story and the deep meaning behind this Valentine’s Day released adventure.

The Orville: Deflectors

Season: 2
Episode: 7
Overall Episode: 19

Air Date: February 14, 2019
Cast: Seth MacFarlane as Captain Ed Mercer; Adrianne Palicki as Commander Kelly Grayson; Penny Johnson Jerald as Doctor Claire Finn; Scott Grimes as Lieutenant Gordon Malloy; Peter Macon as Lieutenant Commander Bortus; J. Lee as Lieutenant Commander John LaMarr; Jessica Szohr as Talla Keylai; Mark Jackson as Isaac.
Writer: David A. Goodman
Director: Seth MacFarlane
Synopsis: The Orville travels to Moclas to have new regenerative deflectors installed. Bortus’ former boyfriend, Locar, a brilliant Moclan engineer, oversees the installation. Locar becomes attracted to Keyali but tells her that Moclans preferring females to males is a punishable crime; she promises to keep their relationship secret. Shortly after, Locar mysteriously vanishes from the ship. The simulator log shows that a distorted figure disintegrated him. Keyali’s investigation points to Klyden being the murderer, but he insists he is innocent and only intended to report Locar to Moclan officials after discovering his secret. Bortus tells Keyali that he knew about Locar, but never exposed him. This leads her to suspect that Locar staged his own murder – rather than a suicide, which would shame his family – by altering the simulator log to frame Klyden. She discovers him in a shuttlecraft, concealed by a personal cloaking device. Locar pleads to be allowed to escape, but Keyali refuses to allow Klyden to be wrongly incarcerated. Locar declines to seek asylum aboard the Orville and instead returns to Moclas to accept punishment. Klyden thanks Keyali for exonerating him, but she angrily blames his intolerance for Locar’s eventual fate. Also, after Kelly ends her relationship with Cassius, believing they have differing expectations, he requests a transfer to another ship.

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