Sci Fi Watcher 209: Nightflyers (Novella)

Bryan and Corey start their Nightflyers adventures as they look at the original novella.  They breakdown the story and discuss the technology used.  They also compare this to the five minutes they watched last week from the SyFy show.


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Novella of the of the week: Nightflyers

Author: George R. R. Martin
Release: Originally written in 1980, the 23,000-word novella was published by Analog Science Fiction and Fact. In 1981, at the request of his editor at the time, James Frenkel, Martin expanded the story into a 30,000-word piece, which was published by Dell Publishing together with Vernor Vinge’s True Names as part of their Binary Star series. In the extended version, Martin supplied additional backstory on the various characters, and named several secondary characters which were not named in the original version.




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