Sci Fi Watcher 206: The Orville S01E08: Into the Fold

It’s vacation time as the guys tackle another episode of The Orville.  This week Bryan and Corey look at the kid-centric episode and wonder where the heck they came from.  They also breakdown the going ons of the planet and how some obvious things to Bryan is oblivious to Corey.

The Orville: Into the Fold

Season: 1
Episode: 8
Overall Episode: 8

Air Date: November 2, 0107
Cast: Seth MacFarlane as Captain Ed Mercer; Adrianne Palicki as Commander Kelly Grayson; Penny Johnson Jerald as Doctor Claire Finn; Scott Grimes as Lieutenant Gordon Malloy; Peter Macon as Lieutenant Commander Bortus; Halston Sage, as Lieutenant Alara Kitan; J. Lee as Lieutenant (later Lieutenant Commander) John LaMarr; Mark Jackson as Isaac.
Writer: Brannon Braga & André Bormanis
Director: Brannon Braga
Synopsis: While traveling to a recreational planet in a shuttle, Isaac, Finn, and her sons Marcus and Ty fall into a spatial fold, and crash on a planet a thousand light-years away from their original location, devastated by famine and disease, and populated by cannibals. Finn is separated from the other three when the shuttle breaks in half while she is in the back carrying out repairs, and is captured by a survivalist named Drogen.


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