Sci Fi Watcher 197: Sci Fi Shorts 2

Bryan and Corey return to the shorts to discuss the 2014 short “Prospect” on the cusp of the full movie review next week.  They also look at the time travelling adventure “Exit Strategy” and cover some of the news of the week including spin-offs, trailers, and much more.


Michelle Yeoh In Talks For Star Trek Section 31 Series

‘The 4400’ Reboot In the Works At the CW

The New Trailer for the Alien Invasion Film Captive State Feels Eerily Close to Real Life

Beyond White Space Looks Like Jaws, Except With an Alien Instead of a Shark

Vans Launches New Space Voyager Collection in Honor of NASA

We got to make a sci fi western with Pedro Pascal. Its called PROSPECT. Here are the best BTS shots off our phones.

PROSPECT – Behind the Scenes Featurette | Presented by DUST

Sci Fi Shorts 2

Title: Prospect (2014) Short
Writers: Christopher Caldwell, Zeek Earl
Starring: Thomas Castle, Tony Doupe, Callie Harlow
Length: 15 minutes 47 seconds
Website: Watch this on YouTube


Title: Exit Strategy
Writers: Travis Bible
Starring: Christopher O’Shea, Richard Kohnke
Length: 15 minutes 3 seconds
Website:  Watch this on YouTube

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