Sci Fi Watcher 179: The First S01E04: Where Life Is

Bryan and Corey return to look at the fourth episode of Hulu’s original “The First”.

The First: Where Life Is

Season: 1
Episode: 4
Overall Episode: 4

Air Date: September 14, 2018 (all episodes released at once on Hulu)
Cast: Sean Penn as Tom Hagerty; Natascha McElhone as Laz Ingram; LisaGay Hamilton as Kayla Price; Hannah Ware as Sadie Hewitt; Keiko Agena as Aiko Hakari; Rey Lucas as Matteo Vega
James Ransone as Nick Fletcher, one of five astronauts chosen to be the first people to colonize Mars
Writer: AJ Marechal
Director: Daniel Sackheim
Synopsis: As the crew continues training, Laz speaks privately Kayla, and asks if she thinks they made the right decision to take Nick instead of Sadie on the mission. Kayla becomes angry at Laz, and feels that she is not a respected member of the crew. Speaking about the matter with her wife and Tom, she admits that much of her frustration is from being replaced as mission commander. As the crew trains, Nick struggles with the science portion, and is assisted by Sadie. Sadie, while pretending that she wants to get pregnant, has been secretly taking birth control pills. She admits this to her husband, who suspected it all along, and she realizes she has been avoiding pregnancy because she is holding out hope that she will still be on the mission. Tom and Ellen, the wife of the late Providence 1 commander, sleep together; Denise is upset with her father for bringing her into her art studio. Laz visits the bar at which Denise works, and offers her support while her father is away; Denise angrily rebuffs her attempt. While working at home, Laz identifies a possible solution to fix the Mars Ascent Vehicle.

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