Corey Charette Show 030: April 24, 2020

Let’s all sit inside and talk some more.  Corey is back talking about coronavirus and masking it up.  He also mentions about the numbers and are they really that accurate, DNR in NYC, kitties! and more in the quaratined world we live in.

He also changes gears and talks about TV including saying goodbye to a friend in Hooterville, asking if regular TV is dead and mentioning something I Love Lucy did that no other show even attempted in the last 65 years.

Plus, a short review of Stephen King’s latest release If It Bleeds


Masks highly encouraged in Connecticut as of Monday
New London Store Owner Charged After Police Seize Fake COVID-19 Test
Pa. removes more than 200 deaths from official coronavirus count as questions mount about reporting process, data accuracy
Tom Lester passed away.
Which Green Acres character are you?

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