Corey Charette Show 016: March 23, 2019

Corey returns for another Saturday edition of the podcast. This week he sits down to talk about FOX/Disney departing and Paul Ryan getting a new gig, George Conway won’t stop talking, Christchurch nightmare, Michael Jackson sticks around in wax, where in the world you can be happy, welcome to Blockbuster Video and so much more.

Corey’s Stories

Kellyanne Conway Says ‘Shut Up And Pray’ After New Zealand Massacre
Beto O’Rourke Admits Joke About Wife Was ‘Ham-Handed’
Meghan McCain: ‘Pathetic’ Trump Obsesses Over ‘Great Men’ He ‘Could Never Live Up To’
Paul Ryan Gets New Gig On Fox News Parent Company’s Board
Kirsten Gillibrand Stands By Her Call For Al Franken’s Resignation
The Hot New Thing In The Democratic Party: White Men
Donald Trump: I Was ‘Never A Fan Of John McCain And Never Will Be’
President Trump Goes After George Conway
Sen. Elizabeth Warren To Fight For Slavery Reparations
George Conway Reveals How Tweeting About Trump May Actually Help His Marriage
Beto O’Rourke’s Record Fundraising Haul Came From 128,000 Contributors
Migrant Dies In Border Patrol Custody, The Fourth Death In 4 Months
New Zealand Funerals For Mosque Shooting Victims Begin
Cindy McCain Shares Nasty Message From Harasser On John McCain, Meghan McCain
Cory Booker Walks Back Opposition To Eliminating The Filibuster
Clyburn Renews Trump-Hitler Comparison Amid Trump Attacks On John McCain
GOP Sen. Johnny Isakson Slams Trump’s ‘Deplorable’ Attacks On McCain
Mike Huckabee’s Beto O’Rourke ‘Joke’ Is Bizarrely Specific And Needlessly Gory
Beto O’Rourke Says He Supports A Wealth Tax
George Conway Says Trump Wants Re-Election To Avoid Indictment
Christchurch Newspaper’s Front Page Uses Arabic To Beautifully Honor Victims
Maine Lawmaker Says Free Menstrual Products Would Make Prison Like ‘A Country Club’

Joy Behar Apologizes For ‘Flippant’ Comment About New Zealand Mosque Shootings
Yale President Announces Changes Amid Scandal
Actions regarding admissions fraud scheme
Neil deGrasse Tyson Back With Nat Geo After Network Completes Assault Investigation
Paris Jackson Refusing Rehab in Wake of Suicide Scare
William H. Macy Praised Nepotism, Giving His Kids ‘A Leg Up’ In 2004 Interview
J.K. Rowling Causes Controversy With Latest Dumbledore Comments
Louis Vuitton Pulls Michael Jackson-Inspired Items From Collection After HBO Doc
Julia Roberts Doesn’t Think ‘Pretty Woman’ Could Get Made Today
Julia Roberts Nails What Could Be Saddest Part Of College Admissions Scandal
Harry Potter fans troll JK Rowling after revelation about Dumbledore’s sex life
Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Trust Sued Over Booties
Former Disney Star Kyle Massey Denies Sexual Misconduct Allegations
Kristoff St. John Died from Heart Disease, Triggered by Alcohol Abuse
YouTube Terminates Account Hosting Alex Jones’ Infowars Content After Ban
Amy Schumer Reveals Husband Chris Fischer Has Autism Spectrum Disorder
Robert Kraft Offered Plea Deal In Prostitution Case, Includes STD Testing
Referee Who Made Black Wrestler Cut Dreadlocks May Sue For Defamation
‘In Living Color’ To Hit The Big Screen, With Cast Reunited 25 Years After Finale
Nicolette Sheridan Reacts To Felicity Huffman’s ‘Disgraceful’ College Cheating Scandal
Ryan Reynolds Celebrates Disney’s Fox Takeover With Typical Deadpool Troll
Robert Kraft Files Motion to Stop Release of Video
Michael Jackson’s Wax Figures at Madame Tussauds are Not Going Anywhere
Olivia Munn Slams Ex-Warner Bros. CEO For Indifference To Sexual Misconduct
R. Kelly’s Legal Team Wants Sex Tapes to Start Mounting Defense Strategy
Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez’s Engagement Gets Barack Obama’s Vote
Jenny McCarthy Claims Barbara Walters Was A Total Nightmare On ‘The View’
Jimmy Carter Becomes The Longest-Living President In U.S. History
Shaquille O’Neal Joins Board Of Embattled Papa John’s Pizza
Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy Calls Real NHL Game And It’s Puckin’ Funny

Newlyweds are now going on separate honeymoons
Blockbuster Video Makes Its Last Stand In Bend, Oregon
Woman Gives Birth To 6 Babies In Just 9 Minutes
Choking woman saved by doctor filling in as busboy at suburban restaurantKickstarter Employees Plan to Unionize
CBD Jelly Beans: Jelly Belly Founder Launches Beans Infused With CBD
Mother Accused Of Abusing 7 Adopted Children, Forcing Them To Perform On YouTube

If you’re a single woman over 26 there’s a technical term for you – and it’s not ‘spinster’
FDA Approves First Drug Targeted At Treating Postpartum Depression
Hawaii Could Be The First State To Ban Most Plastics In Restaurants
Finland tops world’s happiest countries list again: U.N. report

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