Corey Charette Show 014: March 10, 2019

Corey does a special Sunday episode this week as he talks about 16 year olds might get the right to vote, Biden ’74 edition, Ivanka is annoying, Luke Perry is a great guy, Alex Trebek say it ain’t so, Mad About You, The Sandlot and so much more.

Corey’s Stories

Trump Watched Super Bowl With Founder Of Spa Where Patriots Owner Allegedly Paid For Sex
Senator Elizabeth Warren Announces Plan To Break Up Amazon, Google And Facebook
Judge Says Manafort Led An ‘Otherwise Blameless Life.’ His Resume Says Otherwise
Paul Manafort Sentenced to 47 Months in Prison
Rep. Ayanna Pressley Wants To Lower The Voting Age To 16
Michael Bloomberg Is Not Running For President In 2020
Biden In 1974: Women Don’t Have Sole Right To Say What Should Happen To Their Bodies
Roger Stone May Have Just Broken His Gag Order On Instagram
Ivanka Trump Jokes She Has ‘Hardest Job In The World’ As President’s Daughter
Ocasio-Cortez Slams Fellow Dems Who Backed ‘Gotcha Amendment’ In Gun Bill
Roger Stone In More Hot Water With Judge Over New Book — During Gag Order
Kim — Not Trump — Was Right About Summit Snag, Says State Department

Corey Feldman Says He Can ‘No Longer Defend’ Michael Jackson After ‘Leaving Neverland’
‘The Simpsons’ Pull Classic Episode with Michael Jackson Guest Starring
‘Riverdale’ Star KJ Apa Breaks Silence on Death of Luke Perry ‘Rest in Love’
R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife Says He Tried to Control Her by Withholding Money
R. Kelly’s Crying Act Fools No One, He’s Just Afraid of Prison, Says Sparkle
Gayle King Shares What Was Going Through Her Mind When R. Kelly Lost It
‘Mad About You’ Revival Officially Coming To A Small Screen Near You
R. Kelly’s Claim He’s ‘Fighting’ to Have Relationship with His Kids is BS
Artist named Meghan Trainor suspended from social media
Mario Batali Gives Up His Restaurants Following Sexual Assault Allegations
‘Jeopardy!’ Host Alex Trebek Diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer
Luke Perry’s Son Jack ‘Jungle Boy’ Perry Pulls Out of Wrestling Show
Luke Perry’s Daughter Sophie Breaks Her Silence After His Death
Ricky Williams on Robert Kraft, ‘Sometimes It’s Just Better to Pay For It’
Colin Hanks Shares Heartbreaking Story About Luke Perry Being A ‘Hero’
‘School of Rock’ Kid Caught on Video Stealing Guitar, Faces 4 Felonies
Luke Perry Showed Love for Old ‘90210’ Crew When Asked About Reboot
Prodigy Singer Keith Flint Dead at 49
‘Who’s the Boss?’ Star Katherine Helmond Dead at 89
Jerry Lee Lewis Suffers Minor Stroke
Jennifer Garner Jokes About Not Being ‘Cool’ Anymore At Her Kid’s Birthday

McDonald’s cheeseburger scented candle has fans’ mouths watering and lasts ages
Two sisters killed their father. They got caught after sleeping with same man, sheriff says
Anti-vaxxers have a new target in their sights – pets
50 years after graduation, University of Michigan alum receives congratulatory telegram
Sex offender found on school bus with St. Paul kindergartners Thursday. Parents angry he’s already out of jail
Nazi Symbol And Salutes At Student Party Spark Outrage In California
Female Cyclist Forced To Stop When She Nearly Catches Male Racers After Their Head Start

Decade-Long Study Shows No Link Between Measles Vaccine And Autism
There’s an optimal way to structure your day—and it’s not the 8-hour workday
‘The Sandlot’ To Get TV Series Reboot

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