Corey Charette Show 012: February 23, 2019

Corey changes things up as he records on a Saturday. He sits down to talk about Trump, Clapper, McCabe, Clarence Thomas looking back to 1964, Kallyanne’s husband and Jar Jar Binks, El Chapo might get out?, saying goodbye to your foot, bye bye Peter and Payless shoes, plus so much more.

Corey’s Stories

Donald Trump Has Attacked Russia Probe 1,100 Times, And Defended Putin More Than Anyone
James Clapper: Donald Trump May Be A Russian Asset ‘Whether Witting Or Unwitting’
Trump Administration Says It Will Rescind $929 Million In Funds For California High-Speed Rail
Kellyanne Conway Calls Jussie Smollett a Liar and Slams Media
Clarence Thomas Calls For Review Of Landmark New York Times Libel Case
Sen. Bernie Sanders Confirms 2020 Presidential Run
Trump Rages Against ‘Socialist Tyranny’
Andrew McCabe Stunned By ‘Remarkable’ Number Of Russian Contacts In Trump’s Circle
Sen. Lindsey Graham Says Kentucky Kids Need ‘Secure Border’ More Than A School
Trump Blasts Andrew McCabe For ‘Deranged’ Story: ‘So Many Lies’
Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Thinks Trump Sounds Like Jar Jar Binks
Jimmy Carter Puckers Up For Wife Rosalynn On Atlanta Hawks’ Kiss Cam
CBS Ditches Trump Speech For ‘The Price Is Right’
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Destroys Bogus Claim She Hired Her Boyfriend
Trump Claims Japanese Prime Minister Nominated Him For A Nobel Peace Prize
NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Condemns Amazon’s ‘Abuse Of Corporate Power’
GOP Rep Warns Trump’s Emergency ‘Sets A Dangerous Precedent’


‘El Chapo’ Lawyers May Challenge Conviction Over Juror Remarks
Charo Speaks Out After Husband’s Death by Suicide at 79
‘To Catch a Predator’ Host Chris Hansen Scrambled for Possessions After Eviction
Mississippi Senator Wants Eli Manning Statue Built at Ole Miss


CNN To Air Anti-Nazi Ad Fox News Rejected
She said her Uber tried to kidnap her. It was a mix-up, Tampa police say. It still went viral.
Nazi costume photo leads Gettysburg College trustee to resign
Boy, 7, Called ‘Little Hitler’ For Selling Hot Chocolate To Raise Money For Border Wall
Man Discards Napkin At Hockey Game, Gets Arrested For 1993 Murder
Colorado woman pens ‘breakup’ note on foot before amputation


Man finds decades-old letter from late father on old computer
11-Year-Old Arrested At School After Refusing To Stand For The Pledge
Payless ShoeSource To Close All Remaining 2,100 Stores

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