Corey Charette Show 007: January 18, 2019

Another Friday night with Corey as he talks about the news that he likes to talk about including the wall, government employees aren’t able to survive and no one cared until they didn’t get that paycheck, democrats don’t like Jews?, fast food White House, Netflix is more expensive and maybe it’s Steve Carrell’s fault and so much more.

Corey’s Stories

Many Federal Employees Can’t Afford Diapers Due To Trump’s Government Shutdown
Rosie O’Donnell Says President Trump Will Be Arrested Before 2020 Election
Laura Ingraham Calls Democrats The ‘Party Of Anti-Semites’
Trump Adviser Suggests Unpaid Government Workers Are ‘Better Off’ During Shutdown
Laura Ingraham: Democrats Oppose Wall So Immigrants Can Flip States
Food Pantries Help Federal Workers, Coast Guard Amid Shutdown
GoFundMe To Reimburse Border Wall Campaign Donors
TSA Workers Sent $500 Bonuses And 1 Day’s Pay To Ease Financial Strain
Lindsey Graham Urges Trump To Reopen Government Before Declaring National Emergency Over Border


‘Catch a Predator’ Host Chris Hansen’s Kickstarter Donors Saw Arrest Coming
Megyn Kelly Reports For Jury Duty During Her Unemployment
Dave Chappelle Says R. Kelly ‘Goons’ Threatened Him After ‘Piss on You’ Skit
Steve Carell Starring In Netflix Comedy Based On Trump’s Space Force
Michael Strahan to Clemson, I’ll Pay for Real Lobster Dinner!
Rihanna’s Shades Rub Lawsuit in Her Father’s Face, Fenty is Hers
‘To Catch a Predator’ Host Chris Hansen Arrested Over Bounced Checks
Rihanna Sues Her Dad for Stealing Her Fenty Brand Name
David Bowie’s Chilling 1999 Prediction About The Internet Has Come True
Selena Gomez Returns To Social Media With A Message Of Hope
Serena Williams Got The Best Relationship Advice From Oprah
Stormy Daniels Sues Columbus PD Vice Officers for 2018 Strip Club Arrest
R. Kelly Focused on Lifetime Lawsuit, Not Concerned with Artists Pulling His Songs
‘Hello, Dolly’ Star Carol Channing Dead at 97
Lock of Marilyn Monroe’s Hair For Sale For $16,500
R. Kelly’s Record Label RCA Releasing No New Music in Wake of ‘Surviving’ Documentary
Megyn Kelly Walks Away From NBC With Remaining Funds From Her $69 Million Deal
Janeane Garofalo Feels Bad For Louis C.K.: ‘He Has Suffered’
Lin-Manuel Miranda Takes ‘Hamilton’ To Puerto Rico With Big Opening Night
Missy Elliott To Be First Female Hip-Hop Artist Inducted In Songwriters Hall Of Fame
R. Kelly Thinks His Ex-Wife Turned Their Daughter, Joann, Against Him
Steve Buscemi’s Wife Dead at 65 and Funeral Held at Family Home


New York To Ban Controversial ‘Gay Conversion’ Therapy
Gillette Takes On ‘Toxic Masculinity’ In Viral Me Too Ad
‘Fox & Friends’ Host Offended By Gillette Ad That Makes ‘Men Feel Horrible’
16-year-old girl calls police on her dad for taking away her cellphone
Steve Buscemi’s Wife Dead at 65 and Funeral Held at Family Home


Jayme Closs 911 Call Released: ‘He Killed My Parents. I Want To Go Home.’
Netflix Is Raising U.S. Prices And People Have A Lot To Say About It

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