Corey Charette Show 004: December 28, 2018

As the year is almost over Corey returns to talk about the wall, Mulcaulay Culkin, gun laws, why haircuts aren’t always about race, Aquaman crashes a wedding, why Ryan Reynolds isn’t a happy camper and so much more news and fun things.

Corey’s Stories

Trump Couldn’t Even Say ‘Merry Christmas’ Without Whining About His Border Wall
Lisa Murkowski Will Bring Back Bill To Help Abused Native Women
Twitter Users Suspect Trump Didn’t Visit Iraq Troops Out Of Generosity Of His Heart
Rep. Ted Lieu Slams Trump: ‘We Are Not Going To Build This Stupid Vanity Wall’
Trump Voters Still Expect Him To Build A Wall And Make Mexico Pay For It
Trump Tries To Insult Beto O’Rourke, Self-Owns Instead
Trump Dramatically Shuts Down Some Agencies After Nobody Will Pay For His Wall
Jimmy Fallon Counts Down Donald Trump’s 5 Weirdest Moments Of 2018
Trump Administration Scraps Guidance That Protects Students From Racist Discipline
Goose, Gull Overdose On Prescription Pills Left In Park

Police Reports Detail Alleged Spacey Assault
Aretha Franklin Owes IRS Almost $8 Million in Back Taxes and Penalties
Kevin Spacey Releases Bizarre Video Monologue Amid Sexual Assault Charge
Paul McCartney’s Legendary Christmas Message Is Fab For All Of Us
Roseanne Barr Announces Pre-Election Visit To Israeli Parliament
Macaulay Culkin Has A New Middle Name And It’s A Bit Repetitive
LeBron James Meant No Harm with ‘Jewish Money’ Post, NBA Agent Says
Hugh Jackman Gets a Ball-Handling Lesson from the Harlem Globetrotters
Paris Hilton Doubles Down on Keeping $2 Mil Engagement Ring, Says It Was Free
Paris Hilton Debut CD Spoofed By Banksy Hits Auction Block
Drew Barrymore Gets Two-Faced To Show Radically Different Moods
Steven Seagal Won’t Be Charged in 2002 Sexual Assault Case
Jason Momoa Plays With Trident on a Beach in Hawaii, Photobombs Newlyweds
Ryan Reynolds Suffers Christmas Prank At The Hands Of Hugh Jackman And Jake Gyllenhaal
Audrey Geisel, Widow Of Dr. Seuss, Dead At 97
Al Sharpton Calls Travis Scott Hypocrite for Performing at Super Bowl Halftime Show

Kids playing with fireworks, gasoline spark fire in Riverside garage
New Jersey Referee Suspended After Forcing Black Wrestler To Have Haircut
Al Sharpton Says Wrestling Hair Rules Are Biased Against Black People
Walgreens employee fatally shoots man after photos dispute
These visitors scaled a fence at a closed national monument to play in the sand
‘World’s most identical twins’ Anna and Lucy De Cinque reveal they want to MARRY their shared partner – but the law bans it
Kids Left Home Alone Watching “Home Alone”
Disney Stole ‘Hakuna Matata’ Phrase From Kenyan Band Them Mushrooms, Singer Claim

Barack Obama Sends Out Christmas Greetings With Sweet Pic Of Michelle
Seth Rogen Just Made A Shocking Discovery About ‘Home Alone,’ And Fans Are Bummed
Wisconsin women exchange same Christmas card for 50 years
Father joins flight attendant daughter on Christmas flights
Toys R Us closure hits Toys for Tots hard

These visitors scaled a fence at a closed national monument to play in the sand
Utah First In The Nation To Lower Its DUI Limit To .05 Percent
$13,000 ammunition donation from Walmart controversial among Northampton city councilors
Lawyer trading Uber gift cards for pledges not to drive drunk
Fiancé Of Missing Colorado Mom Kelsey Berreth Arrested In Her Disappearance
The World Has A New Largest-Known Prime Number

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