Average Joe Show 144: El Sharko Niño

Another week of madness has ended.  Brady and Corey sit down to talk about it.  Hear them share their thoughts on Area 51, ice cold beer and children, the drunken time machine, those aren’t props!, Baby Shark, and so much.

What we talked about

Feds Warn Alien Seekers UFO enthusiasts against storming Area 51
9-hour long standoff in N.W. Oklahoma City ends when officers find no one inside home
Police called to boy’s ‘ice cold beer’ stand find ‘root beer’ instead
Driver accused of using 30-can beer pack as booster seat for 2-year-old
Conestoga man facing DUI charges after attempting to convince neighbors he had time machine, was from the future
Two students in a school performance of Sweeney Todd had their throats cut because the school supplied an actual straight razor for the throat slitting scene
City hopes ‘Baby Shark’ song will drive homeless away
Florida Man Continues Gardening Naked Despite Neighbors Pleas To Stop
Holiday woman accused of sandwich assault
Woman who earns £240K a year posting photos of her bum online says she ‘inspires’ people

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