Average Joe Show 143: Some of Them are Shiny

More insanity goes on around the world and the guys are here to talk about it.  Hear John, Brady, and Corey as they chat about a having your kids in the pool, a great hide and seek game and a stinky one too, stop hitting yourself, Florida craziness, a different ice cream story, an interesting way to discourage using plastic and so much more.

What we talked about

Dixon mom arrested for having kids hold pool on top of moving car
Oregon man in onesie, cat named Spaghetti found hiding in crawl space during home burglary
Loud fart gives away suspect’s hiding spot, leads to arrest
Someone Recreated A Bob Ross Painting In Minecraft
Beating suspect caught on camera hitting himself in the face
Plea Reached In Florida Cougar Attack
Florida Man Gets Busted for Drugs Because He Was Playing Pokemon GO at 2AM
Woman faces felony charges for spitting in ice cream, urinating in buckets at Indian Shores shop
Milledgeville woman orders ‘Moana’-themed cake, gets marijuana design by mistake
How A Grocery Store’s Plan To Shame Customers Into Using Reusable Bags Backfired


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