Average Joe Show 136: A Special Pocket

It’s time to sit down with some popcorn (if we can) and listen to the weirdness of the week on this week’s show.  Come and join Brady, John, and Corey as they talk about sleeping at Taco Bell, how to work on your basketball skills – illegally, get rid of Arabic (numerals), Wal-Mart misadventures, and so much more.

What we talked about

Buttery Bandit: Thief steals popcorn machine
Taco Bell-themed pop-up hotel to open in Palm Springs
Spider scare leads to Georgia woman’s van rolling into river
Trouble snowballs for man who shot himself
Mechanic copies neighbor’s license plate to saddle him with speeding fines
Police Arrest Man Who Claims Playing Basketball Naked ‘Enhances His Skill Level’
Most Americans say ‘Arabic numerals’ should not be taught in school, finds survey
Washington becomes first state to legalize human composting
Florida Man Exposes Genitals to Women While Riding Walmart Scooter

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