Average Joe Show 134: Hides Our Numbers

The world is still falling apart with the latest episode of the podcast.  This week John, Brady, and Corey look at the insanity including getting the music inside you, how to hide a machete, people are idiots even when in a plane crash, taking the express bus to hell, and so much more.

What we talked about

Russia plane crash: Survivors ‘delayed evacuation by reaching for hand luggage’ after jet was ‘hit by lightning’
How Inmate Hid A 24″ Machete In Belly Fat Roll
Florida man driving lawn mower charged with DUI after hitting a police car
Florida Man, 23, Arrested For “I Eat Ass” Sticker On Rear Window Of His Truck
Charges Dropped Against Florida Man Busted For “I Eat Ass” Car Sticker
Man accidentally swallows AirPod, still works after pooping it out
Plus-size brand slammed for using thin models to show how big lingerie is
Nurse denied marathon world record — because she wasn’t wearing a skirt
Woman tried to trespass on CIA grounds while asking to speak to ‘Agent Penis’
ND Man Pleads Guilty to Masturbating in Church’s Baptismal Pool During Mass


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