Average Joe Show 127: Chapsticking

The guys return for more zaniness as they talk about how to get the best Subway sandwich, what not to bring on a New Jersey bus, never look under your house, more licking, and a lot more insanity.

What we talked about

Man Masquerades as Subway Employee, Makes Himself Sandwich, Rings Up Customers, Steals $20
Video shows man trying to board New Jersey bus with ATM
Experts remove 45 rattlesnakes from under Texas home
Man accidentally shoots himself after throwing gun at cockroach to kill it
Florida man kills time in Social Security Office by masturbating as workers process his federal claims
Video of a woman licking toilet seat in an airplane
Woman sends wedding invites BEFORE boyfriend proposes after taking online quiz
There’s Something About Space That’s Triggering Herpes in Astronauts
Man Forced To Shorten Fence Gets Revenge With Naked Mannequins


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