Average Joe Show 123: Glade Bomb

The guys get together and going on with more zaniness this week as they talk about a great Valentine’s Day idea, getting arrested because of the Pledge of Allegiance, Let’s Be Cops, Speed Dating without talking, more licking, dirty laundry and so much more.

What we talked about

Man at Outback pretends to get stood up on Valentine’s Day, gets free meal
Sixth-grader arrested in Florida after refusal to participate in Pledge of Allegiance led to confrontation
Va. woman arrested after hiding her mother’s corpse under blankets for 44 days
Cop impersonators try to pull over wrong guy _ former cop
Japanese Speed-Dating Event Has Potential Matches Sitting in Silence While Robots Do the Talking for Them
Man spinning gun on finger shoots self in stomach at daughter’s birthday party
In Florida, another doorbell licker’s spotted on camera
Naked man arrested at Planet Fitness tells police he thought gym was ‘judgment-free zone’
How long men wait to change their sheets after having sex – and it’s pretty disgusting


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