Average Joe Show 117: Plug It In

The gang returns for a wild week of news to talk about doorbell licking, death by pachyderm, 911 what is your sex problem?, porn!, butt stuff and so much more.

What we talked about

Daughter ran after parents with knife after they refused to take her to Outback
Prowler spent 3 hours licking doorbell at stranger’s home
“Trust has been broken” after woman in vegetative state gives birth at Phoenix nursing facility
Man crushed to death in front of tourists; “tried to hypnotize elephant”
Police Find Naked Woman Screaming in her Car
Man Denies Ownership Of Syringes Found In His Rectum During Jail Strip Search
Man gets Glade air freshener stuck up bum after ‘sex game gone wrong’
Some drilling required: Ikea outlet plays pornographic movie on large screen
Porn trends for 2019: Big ladies are in, gingers are out
Man, 79, Called 911 To Complain About Hookers

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