Average Joe Show 114: Toy Pony Dark Market

John and Corey return this week to talk about Canadians are just too nice, why shop at Kohl’s?, how not to pay for food at McDonald’s, don’t be stupid at Amazon, OCTOMOM!! and so much more.

What we talked about

The Octomom Has Proved Us All Wrong
Man who stood in line to rob bank wearing mask and gloves wasn’t queried because staff thought he may have skin condition
Halifax shopper accidentally steals car, returns it with a full tank
Florida Man Arrested For Shoplifting At Kohl’s After Job Interview
Florida Man, 23, Nabbed After Trying To Swap Pot For McDonald’s Drive-Thru Chow
Amazon employee accused of stealing nearly $4,000 in items, shipping customers empty boxes
Missouri Man must watch “Bambi” monthy as part of poaching punishment, judge rules
Popeyes launches ‘Emotional Support Chicken’ carrier at Philadelphia Airport
Porch pirate’ swipes Amazon box, but this is no Christmas gift
Man gets lung infection after sniffing his own socks
Would you pay $2,000 for a better orgasm? How women are getting ‘O-boost’ injections to ‘increase libido and lubrication’

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