Corey Charette Show 026: July 7, 2019

Sunday morning has broken and Corey is here to chat with you. How was your holiday “weekend”? Did you get a full weekend? Those Thursday holidays really suck! Also, he talks about Keanu!, what the f*** is wrong with Nike… Read moreCorey Charette Show 026: July 7, 2019

Idiots Online 004: No Sponsor

Come and listen to Corey and Corey Jr as they talk about all the things that happened this week.  They sit down and talk about being sick, snow, the new iPhone arrives, the basketball game incident, more coin talk, the… Read moreIdiots Online 004: No Sponsor

Idiots Online 002: Speaking of…

It’s about time they return.  Join Corey and Corey Jr as they catch up from last time included midterms, being sick, their weird weather, marching band, Super Bowl, Xbox, joke gone wrong, Groundhog Day, Russian Doll, and so much more.

Talk Duo 071: Superbly Late

Better late than never the duo return to talk about how cold it is outside, short day Wednesdays, the school interview, more adventures at school, indoor recess, using the webcam, how not to use PowerPoint, accents and pronouncing words, QA,… Read moreTalk Duo 071: Superbly Late