Sci Fi Watcher 313: Okja

She’s a super pig, super pig, she’s super piggie!  This week the guys look at the Netflix original Okja.  Come and hear Bryan and Corey talk about this international adventure of this loveable creature and the challenges that it occurs.  Will they enjoy this film or will it be just another piece of meat streaming?  Also, they talk about some of the latest news of the week.

Corey Charette Show 020: May 25, 2019

Corey returns and apologizes for the long time away. He changes things up this week for a super short episode as he talks about everyone being a loser. He also goes on tangents to discuss podcasting, TV shows, finales, movie… Read moreCorey Charette Show 020: May 25, 2019

Sci Fi Watcher 197: Sci Fi Shorts 2

Bryan and Corey return to the shorts to discuss the 2014 short “Prospect” on the cusp of the full movie review next week.  They also look at the time travelling adventure “Exit Strategy” and cover some of the news of… Read moreSci Fi Watcher 197: Sci Fi Shorts 2

Sci Fi Watcher 159: Gravity

Bryan and Corey get lost in space as they look at the film “Gravity”. The guys discuss this Sandra Bullock film and let you know why it wasn’t made for the small screen and why this is one of the… Read moreSci Fi Watcher 159: Gravity

Sci Fi Watcher 130: Pitch Black

Bryan and Corey have their first meeting with Riddick as they look at the film “Pitch Black”. Hear the guys talk about Vin Diesel’s first appearance of the night seeing criminal and his adventures on a desert planet. The guys… Read moreSci Fi Watcher 130: Pitch Black