Sci Fi Watcher 177: Upgrade

The guys return again this week as they look at the film “Upgrade”.  They share their thoughts on this man/machine adventure and it it’s worth the effort or you should pass.  They also look at the latest trailer for Nightflyers… Read moreSci Fi Watcher 177: Upgrade

Sci Fi Watcher 075: Galaxy Quest

Bryan and Corey grab their fan boy gear and head to the convention as they talk about “Galaxy Quest”. The guys look back at this Tim Allen adventure and see if it still holds up after all these years or… Read moreSci Fi Watcher 075: Galaxy Quest

Sci Fi Watcher 064: Love

Bryan and Corey start to lose their minds as they talk about the film “Love”. The guys take a look at this Angels and Airwaves created movie and also talk about the season finale for “Continuum” and look back at… Read moreSci Fi Watcher 064: Love