Corey Charette Show 027: July 14, 2019

Another week has passed and it’s time to talk. Corey gets behind the mic to chat about Woman’s soccer and why no one will really care in a couple of weeks, how to be unAmerican! and why you shouldn’t go… Read moreCorey Charette Show 027: July 14, 2019

Average Joe Show 114: Toy Pony Dark Market

John and Corey return this week to talk about Canadians are just too nice, why shop at Kohl’s?, how not to pay for food at McDonald’s, don’t be stupid at Amazon, OCTOMOM!! and so much more.

Sci Fi Watcher 044: Primer

Bryan and Corey relax in a hotel room before heading to a storage container to discuss “Primer”. How will this low budget time travelling movie play out? The guys also talk about some of the latest news of the week… Read moreSci Fi Watcher 044: Primer