Average Joe Show 133: Inverted Porky’s

As the weekend starts the weirdness doesn’t stop.  This week John, Brady, and Corey get together to talk about what you can get out of Avengers: Endgame, worst disguise ever, how not to get caught by your ex, vampires, cows and… Read moreAverage Joe Show 133: Inverted Porky’s

Talk Duo 070: Right Raggy

The duo return this week to talk about so much stuff.  They start off with a musical interlude and head right into the snow that’s a coming their way.  They also discuss children, 90 is 30 years ago, adventures in… Read moreTalk Duo 070: Right Raggy

Average Joe Show 117: Plug It In

The gang returns for a wild week of news to talk about doorbell licking, death by pachyderm, 911 what is your sex problem?, porn!, butt stuff and so much more.

Average Joe Show 116: Custard Factory

A new year, but same old craziness around.  The guys sit down to talk about the weirdness of the world including selling a husband on eBay, astronaut misdials the phone!, monkeys are people too, miniature golf course with way too… Read moreAverage Joe Show 116: Custard Factory

Corey Charette Show 003: December 21, 2018

As Christmas quickly approaches Corey returns for another episode. This week he talks about Kellyanne’s annoying husband, Trump is a big cry baby over SNL, Stormy Daniels better make money quick before everyone forgets (or cares) who she is, pastor… Read moreCorey Charette Show 003: December 21, 2018

Average Joe Show 066: Booze For Buddhas

Ward, Corey and Veronica Lane (from Ask A Project Manager) discuss death by lottery, asleep behind the wheel, tired of husband? call 911, woman rips Picasso, monks use hip hop and alcohol for recruitment, Burger King goes beer, Jell-O shots… Read moreAverage Joe Show 066: Booze For Buddhas