Talk Duo 024: Thank You Doctor Howser


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Ericka and Corey meet up once again to talk about the dangers of chipmunks, more movies, Corey’s son loves the 80′s, monkey see monkey do, the deaf attack Netflix, an in depth talk about penises, and a professor of prostitution.

  • Tech Gang Show returns on July 13th
  • How about that weather?
  • Burglary part V: Arrested? Not Yet.
  • Beware of chipmunks
  • This Week in Movies: Striking Distance, Twisted, Stone, Mercury Rising, The Jacket
  • Corey’s son learns about Family Ties and the joys of it streaming on Netflix
  • What’s that hanging from the back of Ericka’s van?
  • Ericka got DRUNK on Saturday night while Corey’s son bruised his leg that day also and made  it worse afterwards
  • Finally got to go swimming and Corey’s son wanted to eat before really even got to the pool
  • Erick’a ex hates her and it’s not a surprise to anyone
  • The deaf sue Netflix
  • No one was driving the car?
  • Press release about penises
  • New smoking warnings coming out next year
  • The professor of prostitution
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