Sci Fi Watcher 018: The Dark Side of the Moon


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Bryan and Corey get out of the sun to review “The Dark Side of the Moon”.  What will they think of this week’s movie?  Will it be worth a complete orbit or crash land in the dark?  Also, the guys talk about the latest news, trailers and the head-to-head: Borg vs Cybermen.  Who will win that battle?

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Head-to-Head: The Borg vs The Cybermen

Hear what Bryan and Corey have to say about this battle royale.

Movie of the Week: The Dark Side of the Moon

  • Starring: Robert Sampson (Flynn Harding), Will Bledsoe (Giles Stewart), Joe Turkel (Paxton Warner), Camilla More (Lesli), John Diehl (Philip Jennings), Wendy MacDonald (Alex McInny), Alan Blumenfeld (Dreyfus Steiner)
  • Director: D.J. Webster
  • Released: 1990
  • Length: 91 min
  • Purchase the movie:

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Malcom would win because his nerve bundle was moved after the Battle of Serenity.  This has given him the advantage before.  Plus, he likes to give people the option to walk away but if they don’t he kicks butt.  He likes to fist fight in bars on Unification day and learned swordplay from Inara. Hanging with Zoe and keeping Jayne from slitting his throat in his sleep keeps him sharp (no ill effects from carbon sleep).   Don’t forget the kicker, he always has to find ways to outwit the Alliance and protect whatever cargo he may or may not be carrying:)
He also has better hair and uniform (and butt)!!
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