Average Joe Show 097: Apple Pasties


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Ward, Corey, Jon, and Dan meet up to mention mutations, spit, chicken, more chicken, the boogeyman excuse, why Facebook can get you put into jail, nurse cleavage and a teenager’s brings his “date” to school.

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Why we are all X-men: Scientists discover 60 new genetic mutations in EVERY person

Japanese man arrested for collecting schoolgirls’ saliva

‘Unhealthy’ corn dogs, chicken nuggets out, sushi in at L.A. schools

Chicken-Eating, Cell Phone-Using Driver Says He Was “Distracted” When He Nearly Plowed Into Police Car

DUI arrest: Man blamed ‘boogeyman’ for motorcycle crash

Facebook chat leaves British juror facing jail

Nurses warned over ‘cleavage at work’

Teen Faces 8 Years for Bringing Blow-Up Doll to School

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