Average Joe Show 087: Granny Got A Gun


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Ward and Corey get together to talk about the national spelling bee winner, a 92 year old going ballistic over a kiss, three words – Westboro Baptist Church, how a Neo-Nazi changes their political view, a very scary pillow, more zaniness from Florida, and so much more….

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First national spelling bee winner dies at 97

Woman, 92, Goes Ballistic After Being Denied Kiss

Evil ‘Church’ to Protest Elizabeth Taylor’s Funeral

Former neo-Nazi becomes leftist after sex change

BARRY MANILOW MANLLOW half man half pillow

Woman caught shoplifting a flamingo, a dolphin and a grape wine stopper

DUI suspect brings beer to court

Man mauled after smoking pot gets work comp

Boy, you are one big baby! Lu Hao, the three-year-old who weighs a staggering 132lbs – and he’s still growing

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