Sci Fi Watcher 302: Twilight Zone: The Wunderkind

It’s election time as the duo look at the latest episode of The Twilight Zone.  Hear Bryan and Corey sit down to talk about “The Wunderkind” and John Cho’s performance.  They look at ending and see if this is an original idea or a rehash of the past.

Twilight Zone: The Wunderkind

Season: 1
Episode: 5
Overall Episode: 5

Air Date: April 25, 2019
Cast: John Cho, Allison Tolman, Jacob Tremblay, John Larroquette
Writer: Andrew Guest
Director: Richard Shepard
Synopsis: Campaign manager Raff Hanks finds himself in a hospital and recounts the events leading up to his hospitalization to an orderly. Years earlier, after a miscalculation ruined his promising career, Raff spots a news item about eleven-year-old YouTube star Oliver Foley announcing his candidacy for President. Seeing this as an opportunity to redeem himself, Raff convinces Oliver’s parents about having him run. While the public sides with Oliver, he struggles to answer questions about current issues, eventually humiliating himself during a primary debate. Raff then decides to base Oliver’s campaign around family after learning the family dog is dying of cancer, resulting in Oliver winning the Iowa caucus and subsequently becoming the next President. Oliver then takes control of the White House, prompting Raff to regret his actions. When Oliver catches wind of Raff’s “treason”, he reveals he lied about his dog dying to get votes before convincing the Secret Service to gun Raff down. In the present, Raff learns the attending surgeon is a child, due to Oliver passing a law forbidding older doctors, and screams as the apathetic youth starts to operate.

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