Sci Fi Watcher 279: ALIEN: Containment

The guys begin the 40th anniversary celebration of ALIEN with the first short ALIEN: Containment.  The guys look at the special effects of this short flick and see how the story holds up to similar stories they’ve seen like this before.

ALIEN: Containment

Length: 9 minutes 33 seconds
Air Date: March 29, 2019
Writer & Director: Chris Reading
Synopsis: When an escape pod detaches from a compromised colony ship, the survivors must determine what happened and if any among them are infected by the mysterious organism. Reading’s short emphasizes the growing paranoia of a crew facing a threat that could exist in any one of them. How do you stop something that could already be inside you? What can you do to save a friend whose fate may already be sealed? Sometimes, it’s better to not be a survivor.

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