Sci Fi Watcher 213: Nightflyers (Film)

It’s time to continue the Nightflyers adventures as the guys talk about the 1987 film.  They don’t know where to start with this 89 minute adventure, but they do talk about the high points of the film and some of the WTF moments too.


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Movie of the week: Nightflyers

Release: October 23, 1987
Writers: George R. R. Martin, Robert Jaffe
Director: Catherine Mary Stewart as Miranda Dorlac
Michael Praed as Royd Eris
John Standing as Michael D’Brannin
Lisa Blount as Audrey
Glenn Withrow as Keelor
James Avery as Darryl
Annabel Brooks as Eliza
Michael Des Barres as Jon Winderman
Length: 89 minutes

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