Sci Fi Watcher 193: Anon

The guys go undercover this week as they talk about the Netflix original “Anon”.  They discuss the technology and the feel of this universe and Bryan wants to learn more of a background of this device.  The guys also cover some of the latest news including “The Orville” season 2, a return of Torchwood?, remake central and much more.


The Orville’ Season 2 Teaser : Get Ready for a Bitchin’ New Season

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New ‘Flash Gordon’ Movie Coming From ‘Overlord’ Director

Now the Director of It Has Signed on to Remake The Time Machine

Listen to episode 123 covering the 1960 version of “The Time Machine”

Listen to episode 123 covering the “The Time Machine” novel

Alien Nation’ Remake “Epic” and Set in Arkansas, Says Director Jeff Nichols

Listen to episode 164 covering “Alien Nation”

John Barrowman is trying hard to get Torchwood back on television with Chris Chibnall

Doctor Who Christmas special scrapped after bosses ‘run out’ of ideas – but there is good news for fans


Movie of the week: Anon

Release: May 4, 2018
Writers: Andrew Niccol
Director: Andrew Niccol
Starring: Clive Owen as Sal Frieland
Amanda Seyfried as The Girl
Colm Feore as Detective Charles Gattis
Sonya Walger as Kristen
Mark O’Brien as Cyrus Frear
Joe Pingue as Lester Hagen
Iddo Goldberg as Joseph Kenik
Sebastian Pigott as Detective Vardy
Rachel Roberts as Alysa Egorian
Toyin Ishola as Chloe Benitez
Length: 100 minutes

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