We Want You On Average Joe Show

Want to be a co-host or a guest on The Average Joe Show?  (The answer is DEFINITELY!)

We’re still looking for a regular co-host that can join us every week on the show.  If you want to be a guest first then are having fun we’d love to have you on board.


So, what the heck is the Average Joe Show?

The Average Joe Show is a weekly audio podcast where we sit around and discuss (usually) eight stories that we pick ahead of time to share our opinions on.  The stories can be anything from the weird and unusual to mainstream.  As long as it’s something that we can have fun with that’s all we ask.  You don’t need to be an expert, just need an opinion.

Take a listen at episode 105 to get an idea of how the show works.


What do I need to be on the show?

  1. Available to record live on Friday night at 9pm Eastern time
  2. A decent microphone to record with (A USB headset is an easy way to get going with.   You can get them at the stores, or online.  Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.)
  3. A Google/Gmail account with Hangouts (When we record live we use that to record directly to YouTube.  Watch episode 105 to see.)
  4. A webcam would be nice (We officially release our episodes as audio, but when we go live people might want to look at us.  Looks aren’t needed.)
  5. Able to find at least 10 stories, that have posted within the last week, that are unusual, funny, strange, or just plain great conversation starter.


Sounds great!  Now what do I need to do?

  1. The easiest thing is to send us an email at averagejoeshow@sayitproductions.com and let us know you’re interesting and when you can do the show.  (Since the shows are on Friday night, please let us know at least EIGHT DAYS beforehand so there is gives you time to get your stories and share them.)
  2. After you email please follow our Say It Productions Facebook Group or Twitter and reach out that way too so we can talk more directly on what needs to be done to prep for the show.


One last thing, this isn’t a job.  We do this for fun.  Your family comes first! 


That’s about everything.  If I missed anything or there are more questions, please reach out at our email, averagejoeshow@sayitproductions.com,  and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.