Corey Charette Show 001: December 7, 2018

Corey starts up a new solo show.  On the premiere episode he talks about #41 RIP, PETA pains, Les Moonves has oral on call, dreadlocks aren’t welcome in school and neither are parents, voter fraud can get you jail time in Texas, and so much more.

Corey’s Stories

Former President George H.W. Bush Dead At Age 94
Former President George H.W. Bush’s last words, as spoken to his son, George W. Bush
GEORGE W. BUSH BREAKS DOWN Eulogizing Dad at State Funeral
George H.W. Bush’s Life Remembered In Photographs
A Letter That George H.W. Bush Wrote To Bill Clinton Is Going Viral Again
Bill Clinton Remembers George H.W. Bush As A Rival Who Became A Friend
Obama Comments On Death Of ‘Patriot And Humble Servant’ George H.W. Bush
Donald Trump Reacts To Death Of George H.W. Bush
Joe Biden Says He’s ‘The Most Qualified Person In The Country To Be President’
The Longest-Serving Congressman In History Wants To Abolish The Senate
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tells Mike Huckabee To Leave ‘False Statements To Sarah’
‘SNL’ Fondly Recollects George H.W. Bush’s Sense Of Humor
This Woman Got 8 Years In Prison For Illegal Voting. Texas Is Showing No Mercy.
Don Lemon Gives Blistering Review Of Donald Trump’s G20 Performance: ‘Weak, Weak, Weak’
Election Fraud Hearing Could Change Outcome Of North Carolina Vote
Justice Department Awards $16 Million To Las Vegas Concert Shooting Victims

PETA Gets Dogged For Tweet Demanding End To ‘Anti-Animal Language’
Veganism could get the same legal protections as religion
Firefighters come to the rescue of rhino after he became stuck in a tyre swing
American Airlines passenger left in wheelchair overnight at airport after flight was canceled
New Complaint Targets School That Banned Child With Dreadlocks
Man Who Suffered Heart Attack After False Missile Alert Is Suing Hawaii
This school has banned parents from eating lunch with kids

5 Alarming Sex Trends (That The Media Just Invented)

OG ‘RUDOLPH’ ACTOR People Who Bully After Watching Classic … ARE JUST LIKE SCROOGE!!!
Singing Baby Shark Toys For Sale On Amazon
Minneapolis Police Officers Suspended Over Racist Christmas Tree Decorations

Eddie Murphy Welcomes His 10th Child, With Paige Butcher
Dick Van Dyke Shuts Down Piers Morgan’s Joke About His Name
Hugh Hefner’s Typewriter Brings $162,500 At Auction
Ken Berry, Star Of Classic Comedy Shows Like ‘Mama’s Family’ And ‘F-Troop,’ Dead at 85
Michael B. Jordan Meets Fan Who Tweeted A Photoshopped Picture Of Them Together
Macaulay Culkin Promises To Legally Change His Name To Something Weird
John Krasinski Says He’s Sent The Rock Naked Photos Of Himself

Gilets jaunes protests in France to continue despite fuel tax U-turn
Titanic’s ‘DARK SECRET’ REVEALED: Shortcut taken by owners ’caused ship to sink’
Are you guilty of these rude behaviors? Why supermarkets bring out the worst in us.
Marriott Says Major Data Breach Exposed Private Information Of Up To 500 Million Guests
CNN Drops Marc Lamont Hill After Contributor Criticizes Israeli Government
Right-Wing Conspiracist Laura Loomer Handcuffs Herself To Door Of Twitter’s Office
Way More Pregnant Women Are Using Meth And Opioids

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