Average Joe Show 130: Not Trying to Grow Carrots

The guys meet up again for the weird and wild of the week.  Listen in as Brady, John, and Corey discuss sexy Easter, poor baseball maintenance decision, I have to go clubbing!, a criminal that can clean up after itself, horse stories and so much more.

What we talked about

These racy Easter decorations spark conflict in N.J. neighborhood
Baseball field closed due to ‘poor decision’ to douse it in gas, set it on fire
Netflix Issues Warning Over Graphic Scenes in ‘Our Planet’ Docuseries
Teen accused of having gun pleads with court not to take passport as she needs it ‘to get into nightclubs
Multi-millionaire CrossFit co-founder Lauren Jenai, 47, plans to marry her childhood crush who is currently in jail on murder charges – and reveals she WON’T make him sign a prenup
Uber driver dropped off passengers at airport, returns to home to rob them
Deputies surround burglar in Oregon home, find out suspect is Roomba trapped in bathroom
British woman faces Dubai jail over Facebook ‘horse’ insult
Man with bizarre horse fetish busted twice in 24 hours


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