Average Joe Show 104: Tranny Panties

Ward and Corey get together again to talk about some more of the weird news from around the planet.  This week the guys talk about the third time being a charm,  how to shred a lot of money, haunted horror, rats on a plane and so much more.

What we talked about

Anchorage Man Sentenced For Robbing Same Wells Fargo Bank 3 Times

Banksy Painting Self-Destructs Immediately After Being Sold For $1.4 Million

Orlando flight delayed after woman brings ’emotional support squirrel’ on plane

Fake camel toe knickers exist – and people don’t know what to make of them

Distemper-Infected ‘Zombie’ Raccoons Captured In Prospect Park

Woman stabs friend after unknowingly given real knife at Tennessee haunted house

Did the commissioner accused of sphincter bleaching just compare the mayor to Hitler?

Florida store owner hangs sign that reads ‘Stop warming urine in my microwave’


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