Average Joe Show 111: Steal Your Shoes

Corey returns this week to say goodbye (sorta), and talks about the zaniness from around the world.  He figures out a great way to make money, how stupid people really are, and why you shouldn’t lie.  He also talks about… Read moreAverage Joe Show 111: Steal Your Shoes

Sci Fi Watcher 205: Moontrap: Target Earth

The guys bang their heads again as they look at Moontrap: Target Earth.  They have a blast picking this film apart and also cover some of the latest sci fi news of the week.

Average Joe Show 110: Guilty P

Another Friday night and more zaniness to talk about.  This week Corey goes on a rant about the school system in the UK, excitement over McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches, businesses jumping the gun and wasting even more money and so much… Read moreAverage Joe Show 110: Guilty P