Sci Fi Watcher 189: Scanners

This episode can be a real headache as Bryan and Corey look at the Cronenberg classic “Scanners”.  The guys sit down to talk about what they knew about this film going in and what they took out of it and… Read moreSci Fi Watcher 189: Scanners

Average Joe Show 106: Kindness of His Wallet

Corey sits down and talks to you tonight about going solo.  He also covers some stories including Ross Geller is a thief in the UK, no toilets means less taxes, a jerk off for Sarah Silverman, milk means you’re a… Read moreAverage Joe Show 106: Kindness of His Wallet

Sci Fi Watcher 185: Ex Machina

The guys get back together to look at the film “Ex Machina”.  Corey complains about the title, while Bryan lays some religious ideas he found online.  They also look at some of the latest in the news including a possible… Read moreSci Fi Watcher 185: Ex Machina